Watermelon Seeds Preschool - Policies

Please be aware of the specific class hours for drop off and pick up.

Please sign in/out your child using the log sheet on top of the Welcome desk.

To insure the child's safety, please make sure all people who are authorized to pick up a child is listed on the registration form. If someone else is doing a pick up please communicate that person's full name and date of pick-up to the teacher or call the preschool cell number (568-8833). They may be asked to show identification.

Please do not bring in toys that may cause a distraction or toys that promote violence or fighting. During the year your child may be asked to bring in something that begins with a letter we are studying or to go with the unit. Parents will be notified of this schedule.

Each child is asked to provide an extra set of clothing. These will be stored under their cubby.

Because we believe in "hands on" (sometimes messy) activities and music and movement exercises, please send your child to school in comfortable, casual play clothes.

Outside play is a part of our program, please dress your child to school accordingly

Parent Involvement
Watermelon Seeds encourages the relationship of parent/family involvement in our school. We have an open door policy which means parents are welcome to visit at any time and feel comfortable to participate in the activities. Please feel free to ask questions, voice concerns, and share ideas. We welcome your input and suggestions. In learning about the world around them, children gain knowledge by hearing, seeing and communicating with other people. If you have a special talent such as music, dance, cooking, etc., please make arrangements to come and share!

If you feel the need to discuss your child with the staff, we ask that you schedule a time other than class time.

Volunteers in the classroom must fill a Safe Form and go through a criminal background check. Please speak with the director if you are interested.

Nutritious healthy snacks will be provided for each child by this center. Please do not send in snacks with your child. If your child has a special need or is allergic to something we will accommodate him or her. Following the state guidelines, snack will consist of two out of four components: milk or milk alternate, fruit or vegetable, or 100% fruit or vegetable juice, bread or cereal, or bread alternate. Snacks are an important part of our curriculum and we do a lot of hands on recipes and baking. 

Birthdays will be honored in our classroom, and we will provide a special "Waffle Day" for the birthday child!.   If invitations to a private party are to be given out at school, please place in children's cubbies or mail, do not hand out to the children. If you do not want your child to participate in Birthday activities for religious or other reasons, please inform the director ahead of time.                                                                                

All children must be immunized according to NH state law RSA:141-c prior to or at the time of school entry. A written record must be submitted, along with the medical report. The child may not attend the first day until the immunization record has been handed in.

In order to prevent serious illness from passing from one child to another, please keep your child home when he or she is sick: (colds, fevers, vomiting, sore throat, excessive coughing, lice and contagious rashes). The early stages of illness can be the most contagious. Please inform the teacher of any exposure to contagious infections or diseases. When a child has been diagnosed with strep, conjunctivitis, impetigo, or other contagious illness that child must be on antibiotics for 48 hours, or be cleared by a doctor, before returning to school.
If you choose to withdraw your child from the program, no refunds will be given for the registration fee, but tuition will be refunded for the remainder of the school year if it has been paid in full. A two week's notice in advance of the ending date is required.  Payment by the parent/legal guardian is due for the notice period whether or not the child is brought to the school for care.

School Cancellations
For the most part we will follow the Campton Elementary School Calendar for holidays, breaks, vacations, and canceled days due to inclement weather. If there is 2 hour morning delay, the director will determine if there will be school (10:00AM-1:00PM). A notification will go out to all households. There are three built in snow days and if there are any extra snow days acquired, we will make them up in June at no additional charge.
TV channel 9 is usually the first to post SAU cancellations and you can look it up on their web sight. Also on the radio, cancellations can be heard on channels 100.1 The Planet, 98.3 WLNH, 99.1 WNNH and 105 WLK

If your child is going to be absent, please call the Preschool number (726-4114) or the teachers cell number (568-8833) to notify the director. For long absences, (vacation or illness) your bill will not be reduced.

Photos and some videotaping are an important part of our curriculum. They are used for the classroom scrapbook, the end of the year slide show, for certain creative art projects and some media publicity featured in the Record Enterprise under "local school news". Parents have the right to refuse their child being photographed or videotaped. A signature form will be included in the registration packet.

If a child is disruptive to the group or to another child, he/she will be separated from the situation and be spoken to in a loving manner. If the problem persists, the child will be encouraged to partake of another activity. If it is determined that the child needs some 'alone time' to get control of him or herself, we will work with the child to do this as well.  If the child's behavior should continue to be rude or disruptive within the classroom, the parents will be notified and further action will be discussed.

Watermelon Seeds seeks to provide a joyful and nurturing environment for your child, working with you, the parents and families of our children. Dismissal from this program may result from: insufficient payments, unresolved behavior problems, or not fulfilling the signed contract at the time of enrollment. Before dismissal, attempts will be made to work through the problem area. A meeting may be held with the director and parents, to help develop a plan to resolve the issues. If this cannot be resolved, the child will be dismissed from the preschool.                                                                

Bathroom Policies
Being potty trained can be a long process. Children should be trained by age 3 for our program. Please speak to the director if there are any concerns.
Children shall wash their hands with soap and running water after using the toilet and before snacks, meals, or handling food. A change of clothing is mandatory for each child and to be left in their cubby.

The Watermelon Seeds Preschool and Learning Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, religion or national origin.

Accident & Emergency Procedure
If there is an emergency of illness or injury during school hours, it shall be reported to you immediately.  Please make sure all information on file is current.
We will be conducting fire drills, tornado and security drills throughout the year.

Watermelon Seeds Preschool, Kindergarten & Learning Center

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